Kenya deports radical Jamaican Muslim cleric

Philips is banned from preaching in most European countries/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya Feb 23 – A controversial Jamaican-born Muslim cleric was deported from Kenya soon after he landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Thursday morning from Qatar.

Sheikh Bilal Philips, a renowned Muslim scholar who is banned from preaching in most European countries was arrested due to security concerns after he arrived in Nairobi.

Anti terrorism police officers said they had received reports he was scheduled to preach and give lectures in various mosques in Nairobi and Mombasa.

“We did not want to wait until he starts preaching for us to arrest him. That is why we acted fast,” one police officer attached to the unit said.

Police Spokesman Eric Kiraithe confirmed the deportation and revealed it was done for security reasons.

“The Muslim cleric was deported due to security concerns. We always put security of our nation first,” he said, without elaborating.

Muslim leaders were due to address a news conference later on Thursday following the deportation.

A statement said the cleric was due in Kenya on a lecture tour and had planned meetings with Muslim leaders.

“However, he was unceremoniously deported out of the country hours after his arrival and this went contrary to pledges by the director of immigration that he will not be deported,” the Muslim leaders said.

In January 2010, another Muslim cleric Abdulah El-Faisal was deported to Jamaica after days of violent protests in the capital Nairobi by fellow Muslims, following his arrest and detention ahead of the expulsion.

His passport showed he entered East Africa through the little known Tanzanian town of Kasumulu in 2009 before he crossed over to Kenya from Horohoro through to Lunga Lunga in the South Coast.

El-Faisal, who was jailed for four years in Britain for inciting racial hatred, was arrested in the port city of Mombasa in December by Kenyan police, who had initially tried and failed to deport him twice.

The 45-year-old firebrand cleric’s arrest without charge sparked an outcry among Kenya’s Muslim community and protests which left five people dead.

  • Kui Jane

    He probably was confirming to preach about Haille Selassie-The Jamaican Messiah!! Still a reason for deportation.

  • Mandanny

    Trouble makers and inciters should never be let to enter this country.

  • Mad6aside

    he has been banned in other countries for homophobic rants. How are homophobic rants threat to national security?

  • dudubaya

    Good move by the Govt, hatutaki mbegu mbaya hapa, we already have enough problems of our own, we dont need his crap !

    • Marikos

      You are brainwashed! Know this, a true believer and a preacher of the truth will always be deemed as threat in europe and other western countries.

      • Osmanlaving

        Agree with you

  • Mpenda Amani

    Kenyans are deported daily from Europe and America for minor reasons and do one protests. Kenya should not be a holiday resort for rejects from elsewhere in the name of religion. Keep up with the good work security agencies. Many Kudos for Immigration

  • Daniel

    No wonder islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today,which security reasons please elaborate or because the west told you to do so,just google his name and you will be astonished by his work around the world preaching peace.Why can’t you block his website as well??

  • Daniel

    No wonder islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today,which security reasons please elaborate or because the west told you to do so,just google his name and you will be astonished by his work around the world preaching peace.Why can’t you block his website as well??

  • Pratt

    Poisonous stuff is not for us. Anything that praises terrorism is a security threat. Why was the fellow rejected in Europe, where freedom is even given more space,  if he is a little jesus? All terrorism in this country has been committed by foreigners pretending to profess Islam. Remember Nofork Hotel, US Embassy and Kikambala incidents? We need peace and peace alone. Any terror agitator is certainly not our take. Islam can grow but not at our pain please!  

  • Oneonone

    So if he was cleared before by the immigration dept, why was he refused entry again? 
    , “We did not want to wait until he starts preaching for us to arrest him. That is why we acted fast,” said one police officer attached to the unit.
    This was a well publicised lecture tour around the country, (some of his lectures was going to be about extremism) .  if the ATP was acting fast they should have made sure he didn’t board the plane to Kenya.
    Could we have some professionalism from Capital News, Give us a background of this preacher, Why he is banned from European Countries and let your readers(listeners) make there own Judgement.

  • Concerned Kenyan

    Mandela, Kenyatta, Walter Sisulu and so many more were ‘terrorist’ in western standards, why dint we deport them too? Kenya remains a poddle of the west. The only ‘security concern’ are raised for Muslims. Strangely both Bilal Philips and Feisal are converts to Islam. Who else is in that list? why has it not been publicized? Is this constitutional? Where is the evidence against him? or better still why not prosecute him? Unfortuately we keep on toiling western “Standard” and create hatred within our country. Kenyans deserve more than unexplained “Security Concerns”

    • Pratt

      You get it all wrong pal! Dont we have our own home-born priests? Why are they coming here when they have being rejected elsewhere? You cant equate them with above leaders, who had well defined objectives. By the way, what are the objectives of these so called clerics? Islam is NOT a terror organization pal! But the fellows are associted with terror organizations. However, I have noticed with alot of concern that every foreigner pretending to be a muslim, is treated with alot awe by local muslims while they hardly know him. In a situation like that, when do you really protect Islam from fellows with questionable backgrounds soiling it?  I thought anybody spoiling the name Islam, either through terror, selfishness and outright insults is subject to strict swift punishment?

      • Concerned Kenyan

        Pratt you are getting it all wrong!! to start with we pretty much know most of those who were invited by the Kenyan Muslims. To be precise, Dr Phillips had initiated a welfare foundation called ONE SHILLING FOUNDATION which caters for the welfare of the poor and is the head of a free online Islamic university. One of his major objective of his visit is to publicize more enrollment for Kenyan Muslims. If that’s terrorism then we are pretty much all terrorist. Besides, if he was a terrorist, he should have ended in Guantanamo bay long time ago as he is based in one of the major allies of the US. Secondly you are totally missing the point, Mandela was a terrorist to the white South Africans but a Hero to Black South Africans, the rest are for you to interpret…or misinterpret.

  • Pacify

    good riddance..lets not kill innocent people in the name of religion…this are the people spoiling Islam name..rotten ambassadors..

  • Lovehumanity

    I am very impressed with what the police force has done against Bilal Philps. I too am a muslim but he is one of the type who creates hatred. What preaching would he give when he has no respect for the Holy Messenger -Prophet Muhamed (SAW)

  • Knowledgebase

    If you’re posting here then you are IT savvy. Google the guy and don’t wait for media houses to give you slanted views. Aieech, you’ve been to school.

  • Likwanyakutungu

    In the first place you have to the actual plains of the Jews, all the jews are controlling you by feeding all of you bad image of Islam.Read Quran 16 v 8

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