Kenyan forces target third Al Shabaab town

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 18 – Kenyan military forces are poised to take control of a third Al Shabaab controlled town inside Somalia, on day three of an offensive that aims to crash the rag tag militia that has terrorised Somalia and recently started spreading its tentacles to Kenya.

By Tuesday morning, Defence headquarters in Nairobi said its forces were advancing some 120 kilometres deep inside Somalia to seize the rebel-held town of Afmadow.

“Our troops started moving to Afmadow last evening, this is where activities will be concentrated today [Tuesday],” Military Operations Information Officer Major Emmanuel Chirchir said.

Major Chirchir said dozens of Al Shabaab militants have been gathering around the town since Monday but no clash between them and Kenyan forces had been reported.

“So far, our mission is going on well, there have been no incidents reported at all since last night,” Major Chirchir told Capital News on telephone.

On Monday, heavily armed Kenyan forces were concentrating their offensive at Qoqani region, about 100 kilometres from the Kenyan side.

The Kenyan offensive has sparked protests from Al Shabaab who have warned of reprisals at the heart of the capital Nairobi.

“Kenya has peace, its cities have tall buildings and business is booming there, while Somalia is in chaos,” spokesman for the Al Shabaab Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage announced at a press conference in Somalia on Monday.

“If your government ignores our calls to stop its aggression on Somali soil, we will strike at the heart of your interests,” he was quoted by AFP as having said, in an apparent address to the Kenyan population.

Defence Minister Yusuf Haji has vowed that Kenyan military forces will not relent on their efforts to fight off the Somali militants who have been blamed for a series of abductions since 2009 and the latest of four European women seized from Lamu and Dadaab refugee camp.

In the past five weeks a British woman and a Frenchwoman have been abducted from beach resorts in two separate incidents.

Last Thursday, two Spanish aid workers were seized by gunmen from Kenya’s crowded Dadaab refugee camp.

“This is an attack and assault on our territory and we have every right to defend our territorial integrity,” the Minister said Monday, in reference to the recent kidnappings.

Although he said Kenya has every reason to believe that the kidnappings were carried out by Al Shabaab, the Al Qaeda linked terror group has denied responsibility.

The last time Somalia was invaded by one of its neighbours was in late 2006 when Ethiopia started an occupation that lasted two years and spurred the formation of the Al Qaeda-inspired Shabaab insurgency.

  • Fowqa

    What is the benifet of Kenyas to Intervein now Somalia as we know Shabab was weakened by Somali tfg and AMISOM forces! Do the Kenyans have admire of looting other Somali terrotory such as Kismayu! I say Kenyas get out Somalia other wise u will regregt!

    • Mwangi

      Actually the Al Shaabab will regret coming to Kenya they are yet to get a whipping of their life they were warned enough times.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Foqwa,

      The average Somalian has been terrorized and broken down by groups like al-shabab into submission. In Kenya we (citizens) have fought twice to defend our rights. Submission is not really a word we understand anymore.

      We have no intention to loot, we just care about stability, because without it the only groups that benefit from prosperity are militant groups and gangs. Prosperity Should Be For The People!

      The Somali people have been victims of conflict, slaves of warlords and are now reduced to former shadows of the Somalians that once were. just switch on the news.

      Fowqa I ask of you with you to see a better future for somalia, a somalia strong and proud as it once was. Give your people the chance to prosper, the chance to choose, Somalians deserve somalia back!

      As you can see by some of the comments from various Kenyans, we are prepared to plunge into the darkness to get to the light. The alshabab cast a dark cloud over our economy, trade and freedom already. We’ve always been under threat. All we wish to do is take our future and our freedom into our own hands and give the somali people the same opportunity!

    • Felix

      What is there to loot in that God forsaken hell hole? What are we going to regret about. We can and will kick your asses, don’t hide them and issue us with empty threats stupid.

  • Charlie

    Kenyans are wise very wise indeed every body has a life threats will do nothing!!!! even ordinary Kenyans are very unhappy with the Security situation!!!!! we wont sit back any silly move will be stopped by any Kenyan including the Blind

    • Mwangi

      Let one and all arise

      With hearts both strong and true

      Service be our earnest endeavour

      And our homeland of Kenya

      The heritage of splendour

      Firm may we stand to defend



    • Anonymous

      We have always been under threat. Their aim is to strike fear into you and discourage you from confronting their menace. Stop caving in, you are a Kenyan… rumour has it we don’t mess around :)

  • Pkip

    Al shabaab is a mere scare crow, meet the kenyans boys in the battle field. we are in for action. your loud mouths will be shut

  • Alla_roots

    But Kenyans need 2 be more careful…..these guy are guerilla werfare compared to our professional army.

    • Original

      Kenyans are already very careful… striking them, we are exercising the best care……..

  • Franxtz

    next in line….Migingo!!

    • Original



    This is a Kenyan vs Al shabaab war let Kenyans be vigilant everywhere. Lets keep our men in uniform informed. Kenya belongs to us and we must protect it.God bless Kenya

  • Robinson Mwenda

    am afraid of tall buildings…

  • Original

    These guys don’t need any provocation to strike! What did we do to prompt the Al-qaeda’s strike in 1998? They will do it whether we strike or not. The best option, strike them and clear this nonsense. Already our territorial waters are unsafe due to  their pirates, our borders are no go zones, our tourism industry is suffering, how much more do we allow them to do before we act. Its the right time. Let them strike, we’ll strike back.

    • Priscaogolla

      But these guys a animals, they have no heart, lets pray for our pple who have surrendered themselves to save this country.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know if I would say ‘surrendered themselves’ lol. but i get what you’re saying…

    • Somali Nationalist

      Al-shabab did not attack kenya..Alqeada did..if you fools dont know the difference then you will know soon enough…Al-shabab was ruling southern Somalia for years now and they havent attacked kenya yet..but kenya did attack Somali soil..when they sent soldiers to Dhobley town to back the tribal militia thats fighting against Al-shabab. After Al-shabab dismantled and defeated the militia trained in kenya..kenya decided to come in herself thinking she all that…but the bitch will soon taste the pain of war. Expect to see many Somaliz fighting against kenya not just the Shabab..cos Somalia belongs to Somali people not Al-shabab…

      • Latonesha

        Then we shall target to eliminate anyone in kenya who has a resemblance to a somali-including you!

      • Arap kandi

        75 AL Shabab out.comment man

        • Somali Nationalist

          Haha..kenya already started the propaganda clash has been reported yet..kenyan planes are shooting at anything that moves..they killed a group of monkeys in the jungle near Bele Hawo town bordering Mandhera town, somali region occupied by kenya. No shabab has beed killed..but 5 kenyans soldiers including a general died in a plane crash in Liboye. Get your facts right…I am not supporting Al-shabab and infact many Somaliz hate Al-shabab because of their harshness and suicide bombings which is forbidden in Islam..But Kenyan invasion is seen as trying to occupy Southern Somali and so Al-shabab will defend thatt region to the death..after kenya is chased out God willing..Somali people will get rid of Al-shabab and the AMISOM and the TFG…Then we will get Peace finally ..but we dont forget NFD region…

          • Allan Juma

            Sure? the 75 militia are Monkeys???

          • www

            the somali nationalist meant ‘monkeys’? meaning idiot alshab

      • Jebil

        wat do you want kenyans to do? sit back and wait for alshabab to kill and maim our pple?
        we had to act and since they are hiding in somalia thats where they will go to fight them, note that i am not against somalia,but against al shabab, if u see it from that piont of view u will understand where we kenyans are coming from

      • Allan Juma

        You sound Like one of them…. are you ok Brother…..

  • Beanyezzy

    blow their Ass’s and take no prisoners.Somalia watch out we have too much pressure it’s too bad you are on the receiving end.   after this Uganda you are next.

    • Saidimugire

      God is for us…we will succeed!!!

    • Anonymous

      Hold on there my friend. First of all war only tears down civilisation. We do not want to go to war with ANY of our East African neighbours INCLUDING Somalia. We only want to get rid of the al-shabab. War is not the way for Africa , only peace and development.

      That war mentality and blood thirst your showing is what took Somalia to where it is right now… Be proud of our armed forces, but if we all start getting arrogant about it I can assure you there will always be someone to put us in our place.

      You may be proud, but let’s be humble…

  • Priscaogolla

    Kenyans has gone through alot n we a only praying for peace in this country, now the so called Alshabaab are planning to invade Kenya’s heart of interest i.e Nairobi, we only hope for the best!

  • Job Onsinyo

    For how long shall our sovereignity be  treated and we watch? We shall do all that it needs to conquer the this shameless and blood shading group. Our ‘boys’ should not relent. We give you our support in terms of prayers, moral support and if you need us, we shall  join you and fight to the end. They should know that if you take the cobra(snake) by its tail, it will bite you and kill you. Let the well wishers join us in the war.- Job Osinyo( Nairobi Kenya)

  • Jane Chepchumba

    What will our troops bomb there? ant hills and dug ins while they will retaliate with our buildings!! They better finish what they started by going across the border to attack Al Shabaab. The govt should also clean Eastleigh of those immigrants who live for free in our country after stupid Minister Kajwang let them in!!

  • Stevoh

    It would have been fine to fight TZ coz these regional brothers are really slow and would them time to react! while our troops have been watching soccer during the weekend, the militia men have been watching “suits and 24” and our fellow TZ peeps watching Tahamaki!! ohhh! gorgot our UG bros started preparing for combat way back and have a blockbuster movie in “who killed captain Alex”

  • Wamaeanthony

    somali wake up coz we kenyans are ready to fight till u regain  independence,till when are you going to remain in camps.somalians are hard working pple.sieze this opportunity n give yuor kinds a looking forward when i will visit somali as a tourist.kenyans we have always been God fearing thats why his favours are always on our side,after this war the whole word will be singing our anthem. God bless kenya.

  • Khims

    Our Army Go Ahead and complete your mission! For the first time i am proud of you. Clear them out we should live in peace with our visitors.

  • ToniKimeu

    God Bless our Army men and women..

  • mkenya

    thats very interesting but hawa wasee wakivamia nairobi kutaendaje……

    • Anonymous

      In that case, we gonna deal with them in a different fashion..”Wipe them off the map”
      We r unbwoggable ….

  • giddy

    Lets wait and see what happens when they now meet with the Alshabaab. so far the are just destroying empty town and I hope M7 is getting the message.

  • Somali Nationalist

    First of all Im a Somali and I am not a big fan of Al-shabab but I do love my country very much and anyone whether Muslim of Christian who invades it will be dealt with very well like the previous invaders most notably..the Ethiopians..Kenya will suffer the consequences of its actions…Dont cry and dont let me see you on tv crying when Al-shabab brings down some of your white owned buildings and attacks your night clubs and pubs…and we see dead kenyans…We will then see who fault that is…And dont forget..there are kenyan Al-shabab who the Somaliz trained and will be seen soon in the streets of nairobi. …If you attack the Somaliz in kenya..then its a war between Somaliz and Kenyans for real…Kenya is like Pakistan..and Somalia is like Afghanistan..and both have Taliban…and soo kenya will have Al-shabab fighters..called Kenyan Shabab…A man who lives in glass house should not initiate throwing stones..We know well this aint about some kidnapped tourists..but American backed plan to steal our oil and resources….I predict…soon we wll see British SAS fighters fighting Al-shabab after Kenya realises..War isnt fun like their Masters told them…

    • wakigogoine

      You are a dimwit. What oil does Somali have?

      • Somali Nationalist

        Everyone human being with a brain knows about the oil in somalia especially in the shores of the jubba region which kenya is trying to take over but will cost the lives of their never combat tested soldiers but also the lives of kenyan citizens will be dead if you are kenyan…who knows when Al-shabab attacks nairobi or other cities you might end up dead like 80 people that died in Kampala Uganda…Kenya is finished man for real..those white people in ur country and indians will run away and obviously if you attack the somaliz in Eastlieigh..they will come back to their country with all their money..the millions of dollars they give to kenya as tax money will be spent in big..Actually I do want them to come back and build our economy..Thats if you attack them…But judging from your narrow bantu mind..I do see you fools with pangas or machetes and killing my people there..who knows we might arm ourselves in kenya and turn nairobi into Mogadishu in few weeks…

        • Jack Amayo

          I am correct, Kenya is not at war with Somali. Kenya is at war with Al Shabaab. Some of the Somalis are also tired of the Al Shabaab Menace. Don’t you Somali’s dream of going home one day to a peaceful country or have you just given up? The Somali Government is also incapable of dealing with the menace. Pray tell, how else would you want the matter to be dealt with? Should we just sit back out of fear of retaliation from Al Shabaab?

          There is nothing good about war, and I must admit it is easy to speak of war when we have never been into one. But sometimes, there is peace to be found on the other side of war.

        • Allan Juma

          What oil is Kenya after… what about the abduction? what has the Somali Al-shabbab want form the Kidnaps in Kenya? Just clean your house bro…. we have better problems as Kenyans. All we are trying to do is deal with our problems. But it happens you have become pain in the ASsssS!!!!!!! so we have to deal withis issue first.. then we take control of our own problem at home

        • Jackri

          continue dreaming………that will never happen…we can protect our country, no matter the cost. al shabab can never defeat us though this is not a competition. sorry for your primitivity, you think kenya is interested in ruling somalia but you are mistaken. we are simply trying to secure our borders. wouldn’t you do the same if you were in kenya?

      • Allan Juma

        Tell them brother…. if Somali had Oil. I think they should have had better economy than ours. 

    • JIm

      Bring them on. We are ready to fight for our country

    • Mkendez

      hahahah idiot….eti oil…u sound enraged ….get ur ass a gun and wait for  me at  Afmadow tonight

      • Somali Nationalist

        I dont wait around with a gun..I use tricks and skills like a real fools ran into Somalia with Tanks and Migs and helocopters…thats a bad move man..We dont use force like that..we use the art of war…I am not even worried…I was worried when the Ethiopians came in 2006 cos they know how to fight..but you kenyans..I swear I am not worried a bit cos i can see things clearly how they will end up…remember what I just said in couple of days or weeks…

    • Samuel

      Upuzu !!!!!! Upuzu mtupu… We wont allow these animals destroy our Kenya. Instead of sympathizing with their brothers/ sisters living in camps within our land….or even thanking us for inviting them in…. see what they do>>> sneak in, abduct the same same volunteers working in the camps. What else do they want… we let them do business here, and what do we get in return…”insults”. Lazima tuwakomeshe.

    • Kipsunyeny

      For u r information we are not interested in anything in ur so called desert somaliland,all we want and what we are protected is our peaceful land.and we aint allowing any peace of shit came and eat in our land and later when satisfied shits on the same bowl he was eating from.Where are ur manners?


      idiot,our forefathers fought for this country and shed blood and we will not let the parasites to take away what is ours. All this parasites living in KENYA should be repatriated back to there country watuwache sisi  ni wapenda amani. God bless KENYA

      • Somali Nationalist

        Well very soon Somaliz will make sure you cry out for your forefathers or the british to come help you when the streets of nairobi becomes a war zone…we know more tricks in fighting than your own masters..If you kick the Somaliz in wil only affect your economy..imagine when the europeans leave and the indians run..and you kick the somaliz out..who will your people wash and clean houses for ?…who’s shoes will you shine, who’s stuff will you carry on ur back and head to get will only starve yourself to death…Maybe kenya wants to commit suicide…is live too comfortable for you people..maybe you had enough of want to try death?…Wasnt AIDS good enough to kill you fools..Your AIDS infected coward soldiers better not rape our clean Muslim sisters in Somalia…we dont want AIDS in our country with 0% AIDS rate….

        • Latonesha

          You must be a bitter person whoever you are! You think you can just use this forum to vent your bitterness on us Kenyans? We have been peaceful and accomodative to many refugees-including yourself- and now you find it worthwhile to abuse our generosity! Utaona moto!

          • Anonymous


        • Fgfjhgnh

          you are not a true muslim ought to know islam means peace and thaz wat kenyan’s intention on your, soil style up!

        • Peace

          God help you, you are a racists African? Really

        • Oporogo

          Drop dead terrorist!

    • Oporogo

       Somali nationalist, you speak with so much bitterness, u must be having a rank in alshabab

    • Allan Juma

      Don’t Bullshit us Bro! your Brothers in Alshabab starts all this War then, you guys expect to got free… thats an under statement of the year… Get this right, Back in Kenya we have Muslims… and Christians Living together in peace. HolyWar my asss!!!!! this is an abuse to the Muslim-Religion. I respect everyone and their culture. We should respect our bonders… and so this what happens when you don’t respect someone back yard. We Kenyans have to do this right. We take your brothers and Sisters, who lack food, we feed them, let them stay in our bonders. 

      But what happens? you go ahead a sturb us behind our backs. Thats not Brother Hood any more. We try to help but.. you guys don’t see.

    • Sgidei

      so you are “a small fan of”. Kenyans were kind enough to give Somali refuge and still does…now what will motivate Kenya to invade a blank Somali. Its Somali who have invaded Kenya, in all our Towns and doing illegal business( guns and drugs), Somalis should  seek ways to put their House in order at last, should take advantage(support) of this case (Kenya Army ) and sweep crooks & pirates from their neighborliness.
      We now doubt if Somalis are not enemies within , motivated by envy and malice, we love Kenya, yes, but the issue of pirates, drugs ,guns in wrong hands, pollution of  our business and related markets for Kenya’s tourism. Kenyan supports the army’s act. Please ; Kenya Police double check me if am a Somali Nationalist – i may not be an Al Shabaab but i may work to see their success out of malice & envy.

    • Mikeegesa

      sorry dude but this is a war Kenya cannot afford to loose. Somalia forfeited the right to be called a nation long time ago and what other nations are doing is to restore some dignity in u so that you can stop being a pain in people a…. . Will clean up yours house and make sure that you do not export your bad manners to other nations

  • Perer

    Let us all dedicate mashujaa day to our men and women in uniform, defending us across the border and even right here at home, kudos! keep it up
    PS: Lets also thank our neighbors especially Uganda, Ethiopia and Burundi, coz kidole kimoja hakiuwi chawa!

    • Allan Juma

      They are our Heros who have dedicated their Life and Time to make sure our country and streets are safe… Mashujaa yetu>>> 

  • Somali Nationalist

    kenyan soldiers never killed a single enemy in a combat…What do they know about fighting…You really dont know Al-shabab do you?…You wont even know what hit you will be fighting men you fake soldiers cant see but still will manage to kill your fat soldiers who are nothing but lazy and corrupt…If you want war with Al-shabab feel free but do all of us  favour and dont touch the innocent somali people in the Somali region callede NFD and the refugees in nairobi and Kakuma..otherwise things will get ugly..and painful..for kenya fo real…Kenya is peaceful and the indians and your european masters might be targeted and forced to run thus…turning kenya into a war zone…then will see how long you bantu fools can withstand pain and suffering you have never seen before…the Somali people are born fighters and we know pain and sufferering…

    • Arap kandi

      Dear Somali Nationalist.
      Ithink tou are not serious about the coming generations{your children or ua family} living in refugee camp…style up man…..ithink you are  the few people benefiting from this stupid militia….next we shall clear their leaders living in big estates in kenya….either you are one of them

    • SilentRiot

      Dude, if your country had things together from the start, none of this would be happening. At no poit has the army said ‘War on Somalia’ it’s ‘War on Al-Shabaab’ unless of course you are Al Shabaab yourself in which case you ought to run before NSIS take you out. If not, join us and rid the continent of this scourge called Al Shabaab. What have they done for Somalia beyond beheadings and recruiting soldiers? NOTHING. They won’t even allow music. MUSIC. What are you really trying to say here? I get your national pride, but Al Shabaab is nothing to be proud of. So my brother, if you do care for your own people, pray that the innocent co-operate. Neither you or I want to see death from any side, but Al Shabaab really has to go.

      • Anonymous

        couldn’t have said it better my self! I mean how can someone be proud of the very militant elements that have reduced the entire countries population to begging and having to flee to Kenya for a drink of water and some food?!

        Somalia was once the most economically powerful nation in our region. Only stability will take somalia back to that place, not militias, not al-qaeda.

    • Operation Linda Nchi

      U Somali Nationalist is a dump like a rock and an insult to the rock in that matter. How many Fighter Jets does Al Shabab have? Nah! Try hitting back and Kenya Air force will wipe them together with their nationals out of the map. Again, never fight with an armature, he hits even below the belt.

  • Maina782001

    Waa, lets be confident that our gugs will make it, but be extremely vigilant on our internal security.

  • Ukoo

    Down with al shabaab, 

  • Blaaw88

    the only solution to this is to repatriate all somalis and those with somali blood to their own country, it worked with the koreans and so it will work with us.but, we all know that will not happen. fact is the islamists will never surrender as they will see this as holy war, and their is nothing holy about war, thats just the devil in us.Infact, dont you think God is capable of wiping us all, which god is so weak that he needs earthly men to fight for him, these are just neflin spirits.this war will never end. and for those who think kenyas are not fighters, better get educated.

  • Anonymous

    Al-Shabab my “foot”…who do u think u r givin’ that empty gaff?  Who do u think u r scaring? We r not US or Ethiopia….this is Kenya!. Just try any crap en Somalia will be wiped clean. Where is gas/oil in Somalia? Try to hit us even once…we will hit right back HARD!!.First of all, walalos should start packing in readiness to leave Kenya. Don’t even get started with that empty talk of threats…these “bantus” wharever u call us r more worse than ya Mujaheddins. We gonna whip ya butt……and choke u up in all frontiers….Land, air and water……..Even the piracy money u ‘ve been gettin’ we gonna choke that moneyline too. We r now damn serious . Jaribu hata mara moja…. Bring it on Walalos

  • Mazzdark

    Kidole kimoja kweli hakiui chawa and props to our East African brothers, the Somalia TFG and Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a, among others helping to bring peace and stability to Somalia. Some of the supporters of Al Shabab are here in Nairobi, like @Somali Nationalist, and we need to smoke them out from our midst.

  • Anonymous

    This is Against Al Shabaab, an Al Qaeda linked terror group and should not be mistaken to be against Somalia.  Somalis are peace loving and wonderful people…but the extremists have to be put at bay so that they don’t spill their rotten beans to our territory.The Kenyan Forces are basically justified to tighten the noose along the Kenyan border. No one likes war and all that it stands for but,  for the sake of peace Al Shabaab militants should be confined within their tunnels and trenches…..not even close to our border. PEACE is all we want not threats…..

  • D Muchina

    This is what was missing all along. A third force to counter the rag tag army. With Ahmed, Uganda and Burundi in Mogadishu the Kenyan border was the other source of Al Shabaab incursion into Somalia. Now they have to dig deep and bring the worst in themselves. Next target: Al Shabaab leader.

  • Lemmyso

    stupid big fool,kenya wants to restore peace in your ravaged war zone and you are writing nonsense.look at the refugee influx in kenya, do you think they eat stones?and please never again include muslim whatsoever in your damn statement

  • Mudey Macan

    do the goverment are ware that their is kenyan worker who was also kidnapped before this white guys,i think  they could have responded when the care staff pluse the car was taken in the heart of dadaab?shame on  you don’t respect kenyans

  • Calist Omondi


  • Allan Juma

    What about the Somalis who are in Kenya come back HOME? why do they Run into Kenya? you should answer this Before you make sure annoying remarks 

  • Allan Juma

    All we want is Peace among our Neighbors. Tanzania is one of the Best Neighbors we have ever had. But we have tried to keep it calm with Uganda, despite the Shoulder rubbing about Migigo. We haven’t taken troops to Uganda. Its Democratic to have agreements and not fighting. But this is to much from the Alshaabab. They have got too far, from pirating and kidnapping. Its has been Kenya everytime. 

    It has come time we should protect our country and on this Shujaa Day we have our shujaaz out of our Country trying to help us recover economically bey arresting the situation of Terror in our country…. 

    God Bless you our Brothers and Sisters who are representing our Country. (THE ARMED FORCES OF KENYA)

  • Victor_murimi

    Bravo Kenyan solders we love you so much

  • Dazzling

    I  know  that  kenyans   are prayer   worriors ..i  pray to  God   almighty  to  be  with  the   armys  who  are  fighting  for  our  nation.and   just like   what he did  to   joshua  when   he  was    fighting   with   the  ennemies,,.same  case  he  will  do  to   our  country and to  our people….
    (SOMALI)we   welcomed  you  to  our  country but  why   did   you   take  our   kindness  for   weakness?…now    u will  see  and  know  that we  belief  in  GOD  most high  and  he  is  the   one   fighting  for  us..may   he  take  care  of  our  brothers  who  are   on  war,,and  may  he  give  them  more  strength..KENYANS  ITS  TIME  TO  CALL  UPON  THE  LORD….MAY  GOD BLESS   YOU   KENYANS…..

  • Martincogan

    Hongera kenya kwa kuamua kudumisha amani katika jumuiya ya Afrika mashariki na kati nia mnayo,uwezo mnao na sababu mnazo na kuwatandika hao wahuni ambao kila kukicha wanafanya mpango wa kiutawala Afrika Mashariki.

    Naamini lengo nikuilinda Kenya na majirani zake lakini lengo ni wananchi amabo wamekuwa wakivamiwa na genge hilo,

    I would like to say congratulation to Kenyan Peoples Deffence Force Army because they planned to protect Kenyan life and her properties from Al shaaabab gang. Bravoooooooo but I dont know for how long Kenyan Army operation will survive there

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