116 pipeline fire survivors in hospital

NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 12 – At least 112 people were on Monday afternoon admitted to the Kenyatta National Hospital with severe burns, following a pipeline fire at the Sinai slum in Nairobi.

KNH Chief Executive Officer Richard Leresian said the patients were in critical condition at the time of admission but said they were immediately stabilised by doctors.

“I just want to confirm that we have received 112 burn patients. Any number above 60 to us is actually a disaster position and so we have put in place disaster management protocol to be able to contain the situation,” he stated.

“Even some of my staff who were actually off and others on leave have reported in the last two hours,” he pointed out.

He appealed to well wishers to support the hospital’s endeavours.

“I want to call upon the public and Kenyans to support us during this critical situation particularly in providing blood. This is because we have a possibility that those admitted will require blood,” he said.

“We are also calling upon the public to provide us with blankets because this kind of disaster constrains our capacity both in terms of physical and human resources.”

Mater Hospital which is closer to the scene of the disaster, admitted four patients.

“Only three of them had below 30 percent burns. So far we have admitted three at the Mater Hospital in the ward and one in the ICU. The one in the ICU has quite extensive burns up to between 80 and 90 percent,” a hospital official said.

More than 100 people died in the fire which occurred in the densely packed tin-shack slum.

Many residents were caught up in the blaze, and a Capital News reporter at the scene counted up to 102 charred bodies around the fire.

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka who rushed to the scene hours later emphasised the need for leaders to commit serious investments in disaster preparedness including countrywide public education to avert such calamities.

“Enough is enough. I will rally my colleagues in Government and Parliament to spare time to deliberate immediate, mid-term and long-term measures that will avert accidents and disasters that continue piling the burden of orphans on families that are struggling to make ends meet,” he said.

He underscored the need for there to be a concerted effort in finding lasting solutions to our increasingly disaster vulnerable citizens.

President Mwai Kibaki also sent a message of condolences to the bereaved families and was due to visit the survivors at KNH later on Monday. Prime Minister Raila Odinga also visited the tragedy scene.

  • Lukobao

    This is a really sad day for kenya. My condolences to the families of all those who died in this this latest tragedy. As a Country and as a people we need to really rexamine our attitudes and politics. The warnings have been there for all of us to heed but we decided to wage supremacy battles with the lives of these innocent Kenyans whose only crime is being poor. MAY THEY REST IN PEACE!

  • John

    Its quite sad pole sana my felow comrades

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5DI47OPBLD4KVJJA5FHP2EHZHE carolinem

    This is becoming too much. Incidences such as these have happened before such as the Sachangwan incident. The number of lives lost and nature of their deaths is harrowing considering it is also avoidable!! Is there no protocol to contain these leaks or anyone who can be held accountable? Perhaps then people would be alot less negligent.

  • Kimarijane

    my condolences

  • http://www.facebook.com/grant.sostine Grant Sostine

    So sad

  • fidelis maende

    my condolences to those who have lost their people in the  latest tragedy.As kenyans we should try to avoid such incidences as much as possible whenever they seem to happen.

  • Joysjoh

    JOYCE JOHN;Pole sana mbaitu and please we should try to avoid and keep off if possible,whenever there is fuel leakage.

  • Vincent lumumba

    people say dawa ya moto ni moto aaaaaaaah! not like that.Have been proved at sinai that is untrue.

  • Vincent lumumba

    They should change the slum name from sinai coz from bible it was where ten laws were given 2 MOSES and people at sinai slum  is like they have sinned to and yet posses the sinai name but may God rest and put the bereaved in a holy life

  • Lucas

    Nairobi City Council = ZERO. A filthy city, unmarked roads, promoting slums etc.
    Kenyans never learn! So the burning will literally continue be it in lacking social and civic responsibilities, electing the same despised people etc.

  • Anonymous