20 Kenyans killed by Ethiopians in Turkana

NAIROBI, Kenya Aug 5 – Twenty people were killed and three others seriously wounded by Ethiopia’s Merille tribesmen who raided manyattas and fled with more than 200 heads of cattle in Turkana on Friday, the latest in a string of attacks in the volatile region.

Reports from the region indicated that three other residents were nursing serious gunshot wounds sustained in the attack that occurred at Todonyang’ near the border with Ethiopia.

“This area has become too insecure! People are being killed every other time. Now we have 20 people who have been killed today by the Merile people near the border,” a provincial administrator in the region said.

“We cannot tell the casualties on the other side but we suspect there are certainly people dead or injured,” she added, but could not give further details citing poor communication network with the affected area.

Rift Valley Provincial Police Chief Francis Munyambu was not accessible to comment about the tragedy as his mobile phone went unanswered.

A police officer in the region said eight women were among those killed.

Friday’s attack is the latest in a spate launched by Merille tribesmen this year who often raid villages to steal cattle.

Last week, some other people, including a policeman were shot dead when security forces clashed with cattle rustlers at a remote village in Lokorio within Turkana district.

Another police officer was reported to have sustained serious gunshot wounds and was admitted to hospital during the attack.

Communities living on the Kenyan side and those on the Ethiopian border side are pastoralists and are often armed to protect their animals.

Merille tribesmen often clash with Turkanas whenever they cross over the border to steal animals.

Last month, the Kenyan government announced it was establishing a water sharing framework with Ethiopia to bring to an end the animosity between communities living on both sides of the border.

Internal Security Minister Professor George Saitoti who led a high-powered delegation to Addis Ababa in June said the two countries had formed a technical committee to study the viability of the project which will commence soon.

“Let me emphasise that Kenya identifies the issue of trans-boundary resources including the Lake Turkana and River Omo, and River Daua Basins, which are critical in the light of the fragile ecological zone shared by the two countries,” the Minister who is also acting in the Foreign Ministry portfolio said.

In the recent weeks, Merille tribesmen have launched attacks on the Kenyan side, killing at least 40 Turkana people over what authorities have linked to the scramble for natural resources along Lake Turkana.

  • Hetynw

    Another case of a failed govt to protect its people-Its outrageous for Citizens to be butchered this way as the govt sleeps on its laurels talking of politics day day two.

    • denno

      you are right. the kibaki govt is a disgrace to the society. see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil type of govt.  you wonder why they had to rig and let 1000kenyans die. useless!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gebera-Mariam-Hagos-Hagos/100002607325605 Gebera Mariam Hagos Hagos

    I am glad they did that to Kenya . This is what you get for mistreating out people in Kenya.

    • Mak

      Mind your sentiments lady! you are glad?! you are smoking in an oil refinery. Take precautions seriously!

    • Dole72

      Think twice and how can you be glad when your brothers kill each other?  Kenyans are Ethiopians and Ethiopians are also Kenyans .   

    • Ivansnice

      F%%££K off SHAME ON YOU and what are you doing in Kenya?Your kind have been taking our kindness for granted yeah i wish the founder of this wonderful great country was alive!

  • Iulius

    Well, we are talking about tribal comunities, and they not understand about our borders.


  • mila

     glad of what?   if Kenyan mistreat u? why u go there? Ethiopians wish to be nursed by all human  being? why are you people dependent on other people?  why can not you work?

  • Ozengo

    i think the kenyan pastrolists should be armed with more sophisticated weapons to be able to defend themselves from these barbaric crooks, they should be trained on how to handle and maintain the firearms, because this crooks will surely strike again, are we waiting to bury more of our countrymen like cowards?

  • Austine Olocho

    another terrible day and the GK is just watching when poor Kenyans are being butchered like goats. surely they dont care, rather protect their men accussed to have perpetrated the pev. I wish to be God and clear this rotten men and ladies in the name of GK from earth. wake mr. prezo, its a go, we want to see all the heads of merilles b4 we take arms.

  • Adam Mesfin

    Have you ever watched  a Dicovery Channel when  animals fight for their teritory.Simply they can not sit and talk about the border problem. The best solution is, both government shouled teach  the community atleast the basics to their own people.

  • Ivansnice

    Internal Security and his Defense counterpart for ME very BLUNT it’s embarrassing that the GK is on the forefront of disarming Kenyan communities while they are LAME,LACKLUSTER AND LAZY in exercising their duties.Kenyans Brace yourselves for  another HIGH DELEGATION AND SPEECH BY Prof Saitoti.  

  • lelu

    providing sophisticated gun to turkana or  Merille ppl will never solve the problem. if you mind bring both ppl together according to thier culture  otherwise give them even more highly trained soldiers with the so said sophisticated GUN and let see the result
    sure it is like ” smoking in oil refinary”  if fighting is the solution I mean.
    guys the easiest thing now a days is to post a comment !! I know non of you have a one minute experience to fight in such a battle field not in night club !!!!!            sooooo coool it down with negotiation!!!!!!

    • Iulius

      I agree with you. I was in the Merille area, Dassanech people in the Ethiopia side, and they still living like long time ago. Sometimes they have the same problems with anothers tribes in the own Ethiopia. All the tribes in the lower Omo Valley have their own kalashnikovs how comes from the civil war. I think that both countries, Ethiopia and Kenia, must take out all the weapons, but they will still keeping the traditionals weapons, also dangerous.


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