5 things men do that scare women away!


There’s a bunch of guys who believe that smothering a woman is the way to go about love.  They call you 500 times a day, send you kisses and smileys every hour, hold you so tight until you can’t breathe, insist on celebrating Valentine’s day even though they know that day disgusts you, want to spend every waking hour with you…so annoying! Such guys always end up getting dumped and then wonder why they are so unlucky in love.

If you’ve noticed a trend in your love life where after a couple of dates the woman you like stops picking your calls and wants nothing to do with you… then there are a couple of things you may want to change.

According to Askmen.com, here are a couple of things you may want to stop doing because they scare women away.

#1)  Being too easy to please. Obviously, women love compliments.  But when you throw out too many early on, she’s just going to think you’re insincere.

#2)  Being too focused on sex. She already KNOWS you want to do her.  So if you rush things, or guilt-trip her into sex, she’s not going to put out . . . and she’ll question your intentions.

#3)  Being possessive too soon.  Don’t get jealous when she hangs out with her guy friends, or spends more time with her girlfriends than you.  And if you DO get jealous, at least ACT like you know she’s entitled to have her own life.


#4)  Being cheap. Women are drawn to men who can protect and provide for them.  It’s fine to split every third or fourth date, but making her pay too early sends the signal that you’re not the sort of guy she can have a future with.

#5)  Talking about exes. No woman wants to hear about your ex.  And it doesn’t matter whether you’re saying good things or bad things.  Either way, it shows you have too much baggage.

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