2011 Miss BumBum Brazil is crowned!

As the name elludes to, Miss BumBum Brazil is a classy pageant with the sole aim of finding the ripest and juiciest behind in Brazil.

Brazil is known synonymously for its beautiful curvaceous women, and Miss BumBum Brazil celebrates the infamous buttocks of Brazilian women and pays tribute to the favourite female anatomy of the country.

“These were women with but one objective: have their buttock chosen as the prettiest in Brazil,” says Cacau Oliver, organizer of the contest.

Over 500 candidates submitted their buttocks to the discriminating eyes of judges, and only 15 finalists were chosen to compete at the Pageant finals.

The 2011 Miss BumBum Brazil title went to Rosana Ferreira.

Capital Lifestyle sends our congratulations to Ms. Ferreira, the newly Queen of buttockslatry!

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