2011 Miss BumBum Brazil is crowned!

As the name elludes to, Miss BumBum Brazil is a classy pageant with the sole aim of finding the ripest and juiciest behind in Brazil.

Brazil is known synonymously for its beautiful curvaceous women, and Miss BumBum Brazil celebrates the infamous buttocks of Brazilian women and pays tribute to the favourite female anatomy of the country.

“These were women with but one objective: have their buttock chosen as the prettiest in Brazil,” says Cacau Oliver, organizer of the contest.

Over 500 candidates submitted their buttocks to the discriminating eyes of judges, and only 15 finalists were chosen to compete at the Pageant finals.

The 2011 Miss BumBum Brazil title went to Rosana Ferreira.

Capital Lifestyle sends our congratulations to Ms. Ferreira, the newly Queen of buttockslatry!

  • CK

    HAHAHAHAHA and this is very funny. I think we should run such a pageant in Nairobi….. I believe we will have one of the finest bum bum in the world

  • Gmnzive

    funny funny funny

  • Nthakanio

    Those are some nice BUM BUMs well maintained, if we had one in Nairobi at least out women might maintain theirs. Am just saying

  • Dmwangi2050

    jeez tht must be crazy cool. we should try it in kenya am sure we cant fail there

    • BaseRocks.

      There’s women in Kenya? Let alone attractive ones? Isnt Michelle Obama from there? We know Barak is supposeably and he’s an ugly mutha fu%%er

  • Joser_eliab

    mh! to bad, women violencion

    • Mazzdark


      • Dan

        Gross violation!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/christyjamesjames Christy James

    Bring this thing here in Nairobi get us those brown ones

  • Bmmutuma

    y am i kenyan

  • http://greenmonster.in Anjali Kapur

    hot pics.. in Brazil don’t they consider face to choose the right model for crown.. lol

    • marsh

      facial beauty is default for Latino women.

  • Roobyclay

    shud happen in kenya

  • http://twitter.com/imohmganda kenneth imoh

    ha ha they just need to go to western kenya and they have it.Ken imoh

    • Dumsruf

      its not only luos who have big bums

      • http://twitter.com/modekali Don Modekali

        The rest use chicken feed!

  • Timothy

    ey got bumbum

  • Tile

    Congrats to Miss Ros…. whatever, I mean Bum Bum. Can she now have a contest against the Ugandans?

    • Kigobe Robert

      dont let them know about ugandans…. they will beat you pants down

  • http://twitter.com/carolinespencer ✔ Verified Account


  • Nicksh

    Our Luo and Luhya ladies where are u? U make us proud, show them what u got……

    • w33_dx

      Genuine ones!!!!!! Haga bandika paka lini?!

  • JoeMfalme


  • Kamanicm

    they really need to come to kenya…i’ve seen better….i.e….my girl!!!ya’ll wud DIE!!!!

  • Milukiben

    crazy one

  • Ali Shababu

    My boss just caught me looking at this some few minutes ago. He was pissed. Yet here I am again.

    • Mazzdark

      Maybe its your name

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=694263079 PKay Original Orbit


  • http://twitter.com/modekali Don Modekali

    I think the bums are “famous”,  not “infamous”

  • Namsnel13

    senseless people!

  • http://www.facebook.com/odong.k.sula Odong Sula

    To me, its like we need this kind of booty girls in east Africa were we will be moving from one country to another just look at then mostly when we are high  

  • Adeli

    Hehehehehe, no words! But
    good entertainment. Judges know wat they were looking for and they
    crowned Rosana Ferreira the 2011 Miss BumBum Brazil.

  • KSIOlajideBT

    thats why brasil 2014 is a must!

  • paul

    Asi! lol! but do I say!

  • J_kamabi

    Wow this is interesting. I think Kenyan ladies can try these out

  • Waweshmjanja

    cute ladies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=694263079 PKay Original Orbit

    Heheheheheheheheheheheheheee!!!!!  I wonder what they’ll crown next… Girl with the BIG head that doesn’t think???

  • http://www.facebook.com/kfelisters Kwamboka Wa Nyasetia

    si walete hii peagant kenya,,,watashangaa

  • http://twitter.com/eosike erick osike

    walalalalalalala Jezus

  • Alibaba

    mamamia !

  • Akasha

    i think i will go to barasil, the land of bootilicious

  • patricio aguilar

    good girls

  • http://www.facebook.com/opoderoso.azo Eric O Azariah

    and this is why brazil ni number moja…………mas sem mulher melancia tabmem não tem graça……am so glad to be in Rio de Janeiro

  • Latonesha

    Wooiii! Haki those behinds are very juicy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Kai/100002765031537 Robert Kai

    Ad be spoilt of choice if i were to judge..

  • Bazzie

    the plc to be whttttttt!!!!!need to be the judge of such a event

  • Simonswach

    Wat  a Bambam, Wat a Bambam

  • Mazwrap


  • http://twitter.com/alexmulwa alex mulwa

    I think it would really be difficult to get the winner here in Kenya!

  • Me

    where is judge ian

  • Caren

    only one question were the judges men or women..or was mixed:)

  • abrahamonyango


  • pretap

    Is this all Brazil is known for?? People laugh and make jokes but in reality it’s quite embarrassing.

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