• Go well Mama Lucy Kibaki

    Mama Lucy Kibaki is no longer with us. The public focus of her term as First Lady was on the fight against HIV/AIDs as well as how to improve the well-being of ordinary Kenyans. She also did quite some work in empowering women in politics, directly and indirectly. However there are a few other key […]

  • Kenya’s ivory burn will help shut down the trade worldwide

    BY PAULA KAHUMBU Kenya has achieved impressive results in reducing poaching significantly over the past few years. The number of elephants killed by poachers is down by 80% since the peak year in 2012 to only 88 in 2015. Deaths of rhinos have fallen from 59 in 2013 to just 11 in 2015. This success […]

  • Judiciary’s scorecard on devolution

    County Governments and their leaders have given practical meaning to the dictum “government by the people, for the people, and of the people”. It has yielded friendlier notions of government. Devolution has made the people see government not necessarily as “an agency of force”, but as “an agency of development”. Devolution helps make the point […]

  • Promising future in telecoms sector, but stakes higher

    The telecommunications industry in Kenya has been on a very progressive journey and it has covered a great distance in a very short period of time. According to the latest regulatory data, Kenya’s mobile phone subscription now stands at 37 million, translating into a mobile penetration level of over 87 percent. This growth is driven […]

  • Increased energy generation will boost economic development

    In recent years, the region’s interest in renewable energy has grown significantly with most countries shifting focus on their energy mix from non-renewable to renewable sources. Kenya, without a doubt has made large strides towards green energy sources. Under the Vision 2030 economic blueprint, the strategy is to undertake reforms in various sectors that form […]

  • South Sudan EAC entry key for regional integration, Kenyan businesses

    South Sudan became the youngest, and sixth member of the East African Community (EAC), when it’s President, Salva Kiir Mayardit signed the accession treaty and requisite protocols in Dar es Salaam, at an event witnessed by the current EAC Chair, Tanzania’s new reformist president, John Pombe Magufuli on Friday April 16, 2016. This event was […]

  • Embracing social media in the Chase Bank crisis

    There I sat staring listlessly at my screen. I was as usual editing away to a deadline. My mind had long ceased to be on my work. On my left was my shadow gadget – my phone – purring away as it sucked power from my computer. The messages were coming in fast and furious. […]

  • Private sector continues to play integral part in job creation

    Kenya, and by extension the East African region is taxiing towards a major economic transformation, that is being driven by the youth. The youth are increasingly taking up a greater sway in the direction and pace the economy will take in the coming years as they are the holders of the greatest ideas, the energy […]