• Ocampo Six have a case to answer

    Ocampo Six have a case to answer

    BY SAMUEL KIMEU The view that the post-election violence cases committed in Kenya do not fall under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court by Judge Hans-Peter Klaus has stirred excitement in certain circles. The judge’s position has been interpreted as a rejection of the trial of the six post-poll violence suspects at the Hague. […]

  • OCAMPO s Evidence

    OCAMPO s Evidence

    This blog listens beyond what is said and sees beyond the drawn picture, read the complete picture

  • Intensify the war on jiggers

    Intensify the war on jiggers

    BY LUCY KIBAKI In the cause of my outreach work under the auspices of the Organisation of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS, I have campaigned on a wide range of issues affecting women and children. Among other issues, I have paid particular attention to various health challenges that affect women and children in our country.  […]