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Redefining ‘Campus Divas’: Money, Sex and Facebook pages



So much can happen in a week. 7 days is enough for a facebook page to go viral and rapidly gain thousands of fans. It’s also enough to create other pages to counter the initial facebook page. Campus Divas for Rich men page has definitely caused a storm in social and mainstream media.


It has been the source of heated discussions. People have been entertained and appalled at the same time with the discussion taking to the airwaves.


But the recent incident begs the question; are we shocked that there are campus chics willing to sell their bodies at the right price or is it because they have come out in the open? In a brazen, open and brash manner?


For a long while now, there have been stories of how college and campus ladies sell themselves for money. It is indeed an old fable that has become more and more prominent in the advent of social media.


Ladies in campuses have thus gotten a bad rep in the society. Many have blanketed them as ladies who are promiscuous and lack vision in life – except shortcuts to money and a lifestyle they have not earned. So this is not news. But the fact that scandalous photos are posted on the page, with names and name of Universities, takes ‘higher education’ to a new low.


As we wait for the dust to settle on the infamous Campus Divas for Rich men page, there are other campus ladies and gents who have said no to the messages and photos being run on the page.


Two new groups have been created to counter such notions. The two pages: Decent Divas Against “campus Divas for Rich Men, created this morning and Anti-Campus Divas For Rich Men, created on Tuesday, have amassed a lot of likes. The latter has garnered over 5,000 likes already. But this still fades in comparison to the former which has over 20,000, thanks largely to interviews on mainstream media.

Life in campus is not easy, especially if you are in a public Uni. Most students come from humble backgrounds and making the extra buck has become a pre occupation.

Years back, the police uncovered a gangster syndicate living in one of the hostels of University of Nairobi. Since then, students in campuses have been viewed with a fractured lens.

We have also witnessed strange happenings on campuses including suicides and murders in some of the hostels in various universities.


Students who know why they are in college need to stand up and defend the changing perception of college and university students.


Here are some of the comments from the anti-campus divas pages:


Women, there is nothing as sweet as enjoying money you sweat for. An by sweat I mean you work for it in a honest and moral way. Maybe right now you are 19 – 24 years old and your efforts to get a job or start a business have not yielded but don’t give up hang in there. Push more, hustle more, drop our CV everywhere, don’t give up. God rewards our handwork. PS..By hustling I don’t mean go hustle married men’s money. Get your own money, you will be more independent and have an inner strength!



Ladies, all of us dream of happy lives, successful marriages. It will come a time when we will be having our own homes with our husbands and kids. It will hurt so much when we realise that our husbands are dating younger women. No woman dreams of a cheating husband. Right now, it may seem good going out with someone’s husband in the name of ‘He gives me money’ but a time will come when you will ha

ve your own husband and it would hurt you so much when you realise he is cheating on you more so with a younger campus chick. Lets be fair. Lets leave the married men to their wives, let them have a happy marriage. Focus on your life and how you would make a good wife to your husband and not a wife to someone else’s’ husband.


So are there ways that campus students can survive without getting into immoral practices and crime?


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  • Kahii Kogi

    Speaking of logic, what do you think of the information by a commentator in
    last week’s Weekend Star that is a “legal scholar”?

    No, your daughter’s learning is not what is in question. What I doubt is only
    whether her scholarship is also “legal”. For that presupposes that some scholars
    are illegal.

    Do not grin because I know of truly illegal scholars all over the world. Many
    scientists clandestinely conduct stem-cell research even in American states
    which have slapped a ban on such research.

    No matter how benighted the statute is, all law-abiding citizens must agree
    that such scientists are illegal scholars.

    But at no time has your daughter needed any legal licence to study law. That is
    the difference between your daughter as a “legal scholar” and your daughter as a law

    The adjective legal describes things and activities which are permitted by
    the law. And Kenya legalises studies into many more subjects than law.

    That is why — no matter if you specialise in history, biology, mathematics,
    literature or economics — you are a legal scholar because you possess the
    social or political or legal right to pursue one line of knowledge or another or
    several or even all.

    In short, all university dons and all their students are legal scholars. But
    — I reiterate — this does not mean that they are all studying law.

    It means merely that none of their scholarly activities contravenes any of
    our laws. Thus daughter can be described as a legal scholar only to the extent
    that she is law-abiding in his studies.

    Concerning her academic field, however, she is either a student of law or a law scholar. and there is a difference between the two !

  • Mwangi

    Kahii Kogi!

    Thanks for the lessons.
    I quite agree that she is a law scholar. On the other hand, she is also a legal studies scholar I believe.

  • totti mugera

    no romance without finance

  • http://www.facebook.com/evans.ongeri.10 Evans Ongeri

    it was said and well stated in the holly bible and in the it is not yet over more worse things are on the way coming be on the look guys,JESUS is around the corner.

  • jamoh

    these guys never understand the swahili saying “kizuri cha jiuza, kibaya cha jitembeza”

  • Stephen Marende

    Kenya Ladies u r very beautiful. Life of next generation greatly lie on your hands. Scourge of HIV/AIDS is also with us. I kindly beg you from deepest corner of my heart to stop degrading yourselves this much. You might get few coin for a night’s business but for how long will it last? Do you know what that ‘rich man’ might have left you with? Death in the making. I am very much aware of financial strain you could be having. But think wisely. After campus you may be willing to join good job. What if some of the CEOs had seen you on this page of immoralities? Kindly advise others when you read this

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