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Octopizzo hits back at Madonna for her ignorant Kibera Instagram post


On the 3rd of July, Grammy winner Madonna visited Kenya on a charity mission. The global star went ahead to post various posts while visiting the Nairobi slum, Kibera going ahead to highlight the lives of those living in the slum. With 7.4 Million followers on Instagram she documented and shared her perspective of slum life in Kibera.

Kenyan star Octopizzo and Kibera native slummed Madonna for her posts. According to a social media post by Octopizzo; Kibera’s poster child for success noted a common placed viewpoint where donors paint a dull, depressing picture of life in Africa and in this particular case Kibera. Goodwill Ambassador for Child Welfare Madonna is known to have published a post on the condition of the sewerage systems and piping in the urban slum. With his own foundation shedding light on the potential of Africa’s youth, Octopizzo noted that the situation presented was false; depicting that dwellers drank sewer water; which is not the case. In fact, the Hip Hop hit maker has been involved in the Maji Mtaani Kibera Project, with the objective of improving sanitation in the area. The picture posted by “Like a Prayer” crooner was not well received as it caused quite an uproar on the singer’s comment section. It seems that Octopizzo is not the only Kenyan disappointed with the picture painted of an African nation on the rise.

Ivy Mang'eli
Ivy Mang'eli is a graduate of Daystar University. She is passionate about youth affairs and social development