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Data is the new oil: JKUAT students show how (Infographic)


Earlier this year, we brought you the story of two JKUAT students taking on global corporations in big data. Odanga Madung and Samer Ahmed are passionate about big data and analysis despite pursuing degrees in Mechatronic Engineering and Actuarial Science. In fact they are so sure about big data, they believe it is replacing oil as a resource. They have created the infograph below to show just how big data is the new oil.


oil vs data

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  • Willy Madung

    go lads ‘you are getting it, I like the anology concept as it links us to day to day activities. Now from here where is the next step. I suggest some proto apps. Cheers. Madungs dad. Willy madung

  • Swalah Ahmed

    Way to go lads, all the best

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