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5 things you need to know if you want to be a blogger


Hi. My name is Crystal and I’m a blogger. But what does that mean, really? Everyone has a blog these days, but not everyone deserves to be called a blogger. In recent times, it’s become a fully fledged profession – that is, once people started making money off of it – it was taken seriously, as a legitimate source of ... Read More »

Message to men: No woman has time to babysit your ego


  He has an ego so big it can’t fit in his own huge head. He walks with a swagger as if he owns the universe. He speaks smoothly, yet with a tinge of self-entitlement, you would easily be confused to conclude that he is the messiah for all women. His unbridled superiority and egotism is apparent in the way ... Read More »

The Ess engagement band wagon: 10 of the best Tweets

This Is Ess Engagement

The engagement of fashion blogger and Capital Lifestyle writer Sharon Mundia is the talk of the town. As usual, Kenyans on Twitter have unleashed their creative and hilarious tweets as corporate accounts piggy back ride on the news of the engagement. We pick 10 of the best tweets:   DJ CK upon hearing the News of Ess’ engagement pic.twitter.com/T8vqskInlo — SANCHEZZED! (@sickolia_) ... Read More »

4 lessons to learn in your 20’s

young party

In our early 20’s we feel invincible, that’s why we are so comfortable dressing like we are recipients of  donated clothes and spewing vulgar language at any chance we get to vent our frustrations. We will live for today and have a strong conviction we have everything figured out. We will get tattoos which we will regret once age catches ... Read More »

Diary of a jobless Kenyan youth

intern hood

  Dear Potential Employer, “Why you treat me like an animal?” So a few weeks ago I went in for an interview and thanks to Nairobi Governor Evan Kidero and his drums, I was crazy late, two hours late. Let me justify that. I was coming from Langata Road to Westlands and 20 minutes of those two hours was used to ... Read More »

Video: Culture week at USIU-A


Read More »

Game of Thrones college course now on offer

Game of Thrones

Northern Illinois University is offering a course this semester on the HBO series Game of Thrones under the course titled “Game of Thrones, Television and Medieval History”. The popular television show is now in its fifth season which began in April 2015. The show has garnered a large following worldwide and is based on books by George R.R. Martin. According ... Read More »

Your priority in life is not my priority, so take a chill pill

Range Rover house

The photo above elicited mixed reactions on social media with everyone weighing in with ridicule, resentment and sarcasm. The tag accompanying the photo indicated that this was a chap visiting his village during the Easter holiday. What was interesting to me was how a majority of those who commented seemed to condemn, abuse and make a mockery of the alleged ... Read More »

How two Nigerian students in USIU plan to change the way we dress


We caught up with two beautiful USIU students that know and truly represent what style is. Oshe clothing is a clothing line established in Nigeria by Anita Ashiru and Anne Okeya in early 2014. Their fashion line revolves around the idiom ‘two sides of the same coin.’ This stems from the philosophy that everyone has two personalities, the western and ... Read More »

VIDEO: The making of a Sci-Fi movie in Kenya

USONI film

USONI is a sci-fi story that dares to break the norms. It is set in the year 2062, where the whole of Europe is crumbling because of natural disasters and Africa is the cradle of hope. It focuses on a group of survivors who have managed to escape and are on their way to Lampedusa and thereafter Africa. The question ... Read More »

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