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What it takes to participate in the 48-hour film project

48 hour project

The 48-hour film competition is an idea that was started by Mark Ruppert in 2001 because he wanted to challenge filmmakers to see what they can do in a single weekend. Nairobi joined the 48ers bandwagon in 2013 and it was so successful that it saw even more teams join in 2014 including USIU-Africa. The competition requires people to use ... Read More »

Top 10 best Kenyan TV shows


Kenyan TV shows have come a long way since the days of Tushaurinie, Tahamaki and Tausi. While some, like Vitimbi and Vioja Mahakamani are considered the longest running local TV shows, others fizzled out after some time. TV shows, that have captured our attention include; game shows, talk shows, news shows, sitcoms and drama. We now look at the most ... Read More »

Men who post a lot of selfies have Psycho symptoms – Study

selfie building heights

Apparently, it’s okay for women to post lots of selfies but men who do the same show signs of Psychopathy, according to a study published by Elsevier. Men between 18-40 years replied to an online survey that aimed at assessing ‘trait predictors of social networking site and posting selfies’. The researchers observed that respondents with narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy tendencies ... Read More »

VOTE! Best Kenyan rappers of all time


We recently published a list of the best Kenyan rappers of all time based on a ‘panel of experts’ consisting of music producers, rappers, DJs and radio show producers. The list, to say the least, has produced a lot of heat. Granted, music, like many art forms, is very subjective. So we have decided to publish this online poll to ... Read More »

Best and worst movies of 2014

The equalizer

  Best of 5 Hunger Games Mocking Jay is the third sequel of the Hunger Games series. The plot of this particular movie is driven by Katniss realizing her potential as she fights to save Peeta and a nation moved by her courage. The movie was very successful in the box office due to the interesting plot and the  incredible ... Read More »

Top 10 best Kenyan rappers of all time


Kenyan rappers have come along way since the days of Kalamashaka. The crew are considered the godfathers of rap music in Kenya, setting the foundation on which other rappers have built their career. In the process, a Kenyan hip-hop culture and community has emerged; cypher battles, dressing, art and spoken word. In the search for Kenya’s finest rappers, we talked ... Read More »

VOTE: The best 2014 song

sauti sol

In the first of our #BestandWorst series, we are looking at the best song (local secular) released in 2014. We want you to vote for what you think was the best song in 2014. Please vote for your favorite song in 2014 at the bottom. If your song is not shortlisted, drop a comment in the feedback section. Here are the ... Read More »

‘Who is Paul McCartney?’ Clueless tweeps praise Kanye West collabo with legend

The drama never ends

In a classic example of generational changes, thousands of young people showed their age by responding to the news of Kanye West’s single collaboration with Paul McCartney, one of the legends in the Beatle’s band. The lullaby-like collabo has been in the works since early 2014, when the two met in a bungalow in Los Angeles, according to a statement ... Read More »

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ tops 2014 illegal downloads

wolf of wall street

Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” and Disney’s animated fantasy hit “Frozen” were the two most pirated films of 2014, according to a firm tracking illegal downloads. Numerous US media, including Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, on Monday published a list of this year’s 20 most illegally downloaded movies, compiled by piracy tracker Excipio. The firm tallied “torrent” downloads, ... Read More »

Christmas: Expectation vs Reality


Now that school is closed and with Christmas just a matter of hours, it’s time to spend time with family. Christmas season is a time for laughter and joy, rekindling your connection with family members after being away at school but sometimes your expectations do not coincide with the reality. Food This is probably one of the most cherished aspects ... Read More »

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