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I am done begging Paula for reconciliation: Robin Thicke

robin thicke

Robin Thicke is “done begging” Paula Patton to take him back and is finally “moving on”. The 37-year-old singer – who split from the actress earlier this year – has decided to accept his marriage of eight years is over and is now looking to the future, TMZ reports. However, while a lawyer is working on separating their financial and ... Read More »

A woman is more than her shape


I have really tried to ignore that fat equals lazy equals you deserve to be cheated on article. Yes, I read it but I did not take it too seriously until enough people began writing reply articles like it was some sort of battle. I have joined the fray. The article is an easy write. It is lazy in and ... Read More »

7 deadly sins women make in relationships

couple fighting

Women have many attributes including selfless, loving, kind and even caring. But despite all these traits, women do still find a way of messing up relationships with their overactive imaginations and constant need for reassurance.  However, this is not to say men are infallible because they do contribute to failed relationships. It is apparent as women; there is a need ... Read More »

9 year-old boy marries 62 year old woman, again

boy marries woman

Nine-year-old Saneie Masilela has become the world’s youngest groom for the second time after remarrying the 62-year-old woman he tied the knot with last year. Dressed in a silvery tuxedo, baby-faced Saneie clutched the hand of mother-of-five Helen Shabangu – her children are aged between 28- and 38-years-old – as they repeated their vows a year on in front of 100 guests. ... Read More »

5 qualities that Kenyan women look for in a man

male model tyson

These days finding a man in Nairobi is not as easy one may think. The bar is set high with all the options available to Nairobi women. The Nigerians, Ethiopians, Somalis and even Congolese have different qualities and thus very different things to offer “mamanzi wa Nairobi.” Many men think Kenyan Women are hard to impress, have a skewed sense ... Read More »

5 of the best upcoming Kenyan rappers


1. GBO Golden Boy Odongo (GBO) developed an interest in rap music at an early age and started writing lyrics at age 14. He recorded his first single – DTA (death to all) with Miagi in 2009. Although he has been around for some time, its only over the last year that he has intensified his music career. The latest ... Read More »

Young men stay longer with parents as living cost rises

staying at home

The share of young adults living with parents or other family members in the U.S. continues to grow in the aftermath of the most severe recession in the post- World War II era. A record 57 million Americans, or 18.1 percent of the population, lived in a multigenerational household in 2012, a report released today by the Pew Research Center ... Read More »

I cut off my penis under influence of drugs: Rapper

Andre Johnson rapper

Rapper Andre Johnson made headlines back in April when he cut off his penis and jumped off a building on the second floor. He was severely injured but he has just told E! that he was under the influence of drugs at the time. However, Johnson still insists that he was still in control at the time and that he ... Read More »

Of fried eggs and abusive relationships

couple fighting

Eggs. Sweet, delicious, fried eggs in their oily Cholesterol full goodness. I literally get excited when I think about fried eggs. A smile mysteriously creeps to my face when they are mentioned. I love eggs, fried eggs to be precise. And I’m quite choosy when it comes to how my eggs should be fried. Be it a Spanish omelette, some ... Read More »

Agony of women enslaved by Dubai sex trade

raid prostitutes

Zunera once dreamed of becoming a computer engineer. Instead, aged 16, she was tricked into prostitution in the UAE, beginning a four-year nightmare of cruelty, violence and rape. Pakistan has long been an important source of cheap labour for the Gulf state, particularly its booming construction sector. But campaigners and officials say hundreds of young Pakistani women are also trafficked ... Read More »

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