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Man dies after downing 56 shots in drinking competition

drinking alcohol

French police opened an investigation on Wednesday following the death of a man in his 50s after he downed 56 shots during a drinking competition. The man, who was not named, was attempting to beat the previous record of 55 shots in a bar in Clermont-Ferrand in central France on Friday. “He swallowed around 30 glasses in the space of ... Read More »

Scottish underground hip-hop trio with roots in Africa wins prestigious prize

young fathers

Young Fathers, an underground hip-hop trio from Scotland with roots in Liberia and Nigeria, won the prestigious Mercury Prize, beating out far better-selling British artists. Young Fathers’ first studio album “Dead” topped a field that included Blur frontman Damon Albarn, as well as increasingly popular artists such as poet-turned-rapper Kate Tempest and R and B-influenced trip-hopper FKA twigs. Young Fathers ... Read More »

5 signs you are in a toxic relationship

couple fighting

5 signs you are in a toxic relationship ‘Mechanic’ syndrome The relationship soon changes from courtship that is fun and enjoyable to one that is about playing a Mr/Miss fix it role. This is the attempt to model the partner into your ideal mate. If you find yourself in a restoration/transformation relationship, its time you think twice about it. The ... Read More »

Africa’s Top Indie Bands


Africa’s Top 5 Indie Bands As an avid listener of all things indie, finally there is something in the market made by Africa for Africans to represent African’s distinct flair and musical talent. As Africans we now have something to call our own within the Indie and Neo Soul genre. The quality of music being produced; from the lyrics to ... Read More »

CapitalFM hosting the biggest rap Cypher on radio


CapitalFM shows @Hitsnothomework and @thecypher984 will tomorrow (29th Oct) host the biggest freestyle rap battle on radio. In studio will be 12 of Kenya’s most gifted lyrist battling out in Lyrical Wednesday. The MCs include; Kimathi, Femi One, Benadi, Shukid, MC Sharon, Xcalibar, Kalimani, Jemedari, Point Blank, Ace the Don, Bilari, General Maxima. Presenters Amina and Soulo, and Producer Joe ... Read More »

New York’s hottest new trend: clubbing for kids

kids clubbing

The music’s thumping, the dance floor’s packed and the bar’s bustling. Welcome to one of New York’s hottest nightclubs and a new generation of clubbers: six-year-olds. The VIP Room threw open its doors to children aged six to 12 on a Sunday afternoon to give them a taste of the nightclub, electronic music and dance scene in New York’s uber ... Read More »

Airtel Trace Music Stars starts campus activations

trace stars

Airtel has been in different universities including Mount Kenya University (MKU), Nazarene University, Multimedia University (MMU) and Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA) in search of the next singing star. The campus activations are giving hopefuls a real opportunity to call, sing and stand a chance to be the next star in Kenya and possibly in Africa. Airtel is in ... Read More »

The next big band: The Yellow Light Machine causing ripples

UP band

  Tell us about Yellow Light Machine. Who are you guys? Yellow Light Machine (YLM) is an eclectic group of talented individuals united by the love for music. YLM is made up of music lovers from different backgrounds, with different voices and different ideologies uniting to create something that is felt more than heard. This common ground of love merged ... Read More »

5 things you can do this weekend apart from partying

friends gals

  As students the common held standard is that weekends were made for partying.  Well, in case you do get tired of partying which you will eventually; there are some other things one can do to make good use of the weekend. 1. Watch a game with friends. Being a rugby enthusiast, I know too well just how much watching ... Read More »

Students advocating ‘pee in the shower’ to save water

spiderman peeing

Called the Go with the Flow campaign, the project was started by University of East Anglia students Debs Torr and Chris Dobson. The aim (Sorry: bad pun!) is for the university’s 15 000 students to take their first wee of the day while having their morning shower. Those taking part are encouraged to to pledge their allegiance on Facebook and ... Read More »

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