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Who will save us from these WhatsApp Groups bandwagon?


I am not going to mince words. I’m beginning to be repelled by these many annoying WhatsApp groups. Now, before you call me evil names which will make my ancestors sneeze in their graves, hear me out. As the gods of technology will have it, I am a member of keddo six groups. Interestingly though, I am a member NOT by ... Read More »

Skinny jeans could make you a fashion victim: doctors


Squatting in super-tight “skinny” jeans may pose a health risk, Australian doctors warned Tuesday, reporting the case of a woman who temporarily lost feeling in her legs from an hours-long squeeze. The 35-year-old collapsed and had to be hospitalised the day after helping a relative move home, spending hours on her haunches to unpack cupboards. The unusual case was reported ... Read More »

US rap mogul Diddy arrested after University of California incident


American rap mogul Diddy was arrested in Los Angeles on Monday for assault with a deadly weapon – in this case, a kettlebell. No one was seriously hurt in the incident at the University of California, Los Angeles sports center, and police have launched an investigation, the school said. Diddy – real name Sean Combs, 45 – likely will be ... Read More »

Boy dresses up as his girlfriend to sit her exams


A boy dressed up as his girlfriend to sit her exams because she was nervous. Devoted boyfriend Ayan Zhademov, 20, attempted to fool invigilators and sit his partner’s exam by dressing up in her school uniform. Unfortunately, the boy was quickly caught when staff at the school in Kazakhstan noticed his deep voice and he was fined £1,400 for his ... Read More »

My village and the prostitutes’ disease


While top medical researchers with PhDs and million-dollar labs still can’t figure out whether HIV/AIDS has a weave or horns, herbalists in my village have been treating the damn thing for years. In addition, they fix cancer, chase away the demons of joblessness, recover lost husbands, enlarge ‘manhood’ and women’s breasts, rig elections for politicians, impregnate barren women, speak to ... Read More »

Are you the next Miss Kenya? here is what organisers are looking for

Miss Kenya

Hey guys! Today we take a small detour from the business of blogging to talk about the Miss Kenya launch. It was held  on the 19th of May at the Hilton Hotel and a wide range of people, from press to bloggers to sponsors and past contestants who all turned up in style to show their support for the prestigious ... Read More »

‘Rap-orters': telling the news in Uganda hip-hop style

Newzbeat's writer and producter Daniel Kisekka aka "Survivor" works on his laptop at the company's office in Kampala

“Newzbeat” makes a catchy change from a standard news bulletin: Ugandans call the broadcasters “rap-orters”, a youth team of hip-hop artists-turned-journalists rapping the headlines. “Uganda’s anti-gay law is making news/Some countries have found it befitting to accuse/Uganda of treating gays as German Jews/Nothing to gain from this and more to lose,” rapped the artists in one recent episode. That song ... Read More »

UoN riot image wins photography award

Riot policemen use batons to beat up a rioting University of Nairobi student in Kenya's capital Nairobi May 20, 2014. Public university students started their protests, which are against the planned hiking of fees and lowering of maximum loan awarded to students by the HELB

Reuters photographer Thomas Mukoya was named Photographer of the Year by the Media Council of Kenya for ‘a leap to freedom’, an image of a female protestor breaking free after being detained during a demonstration. Mukoya was also named 1st runner-up in the Overall Journalist of the Year category. In the Canon Kenyan Photography Awards, Mukoya was named News Photographer of ... Read More »

A$AP Rocky latest rapper to top chart with early release

ASAP Rocky

A$AP Rocky’s new album opened at number one Wednesday on the US charts as he became the latest rapper to score big with a surprise early release. “At.Long.Last.A$AP,” an often down-tempo work with unapologetic odes to drug use and sex, was released on May 26, one week before the expected date. The album sold 146,000 copies or the equivalent in ... Read More »

Don’t admire a woman with beautiful breasts if you have no money

Woman Bra

Recently, my childhood friend, Abuya Abuya, who says that his name is so sweet you have to say it twice, invited me to a party in Nairobi’s Donholm Estate. It was a party to celebrate one of his girlfriend’s friend, Eva, for graduating with some online degree in applied biometric nutrition. Yes, such courses exist. I swear, getting to Eastlands is practically ... Read More »

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