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Pick your poison

drinking students

College life is synonymous with heavy drinking and partying. For many, the drinking culture begins in college and could be carried on till their dying days. So when it comes to alcohol, one needs to be careful to ensure they do not become dependent on the bottle to function. Many people believe that they cannot have fun without alcohol but ... Read More »

Selfies dos & don’t


The selfie is now as good as a business card; it is officially your introduction to the world. So, with so much importance attached to the selfie, why not learn how to take the best selfie. Here are a few dos and don’ts that will help you capture yourself in the best way possible. First, always pick the best lighting. ... Read More »

Precautions to take while on Cyberspace


With more people having more conversations online than in person with the advent of Facebook, Twitter and even Whatsapp our definition of interaction is forever changed. Thus, it should come as no surprise that relationships are also affected by the new wave of communication. Now more than ever before, we are connected to more people, but yet isolated from those ... Read More »

Bra 101: A college woman’s secret arsenal #PinkBig


The right basics lay the foundation on how good you feel and how great you look in a t-shirt or a dress. College is a time when young women come into their own, learning to embrace who they are and getting to know who they want to be. This October, as we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month, it important to ... Read More »

Dating 101: The pros and cons of living with your lover


In college, free from parental controls and enjoying true liberty many students do experiment with sex, drugs and alcohol. Now more than ever, there are also a slew of students who also choose to cohabit with their significant other. This common practice is a sweet experience in the beginning, but usually ends quiet sour. Students after dating for a few ... Read More »

Gadgets: 2-In-1 Ultraportable Laptop With 10-Inch Tablet

asus t100

Excellence is never out of reach with the ASUS Transformer Book T100. Entertainment is never out of focus. The affordable ASUS Transformer Book T100 gives you the chance to create your own mobile laptop dynamic, so you never have to compromise again. Go where you want to go with the new ASUS Transformer Book T100. Available at Text Book Center, ... Read More »

5 things to pack for college


College is a time of self-discovery and personal growth. The time spent in college for most is filled with memories of good times and chill vibes. Actually very few memories are created in the classroom though I cannot emphasize how it is important to focus on the purpose of college and the goals you hope to achieve during your college ... Read More »

5 things that will probably get stolen during your first semester


Water heater Life in college is fun, but do not be fooled into thinking that it will be a walk in the park. The first semester is especially difficult as you try to adjust to life away from home.  When leaving your parent’s home I suggest that you only pack the necessary items. Carrying a fancy water heater could be ... Read More »

What do you look for? Money vs. Looks

handsome man

It is said that a man’s ability to provide can make or break a relationship. It has become a common viewpoint held by women all over the world that dating is the time to test the waters.  However, the old adage always comes into question, money or looks? If a man is financially stable, this solidifies his ability to care ... Read More »

Words of caution for a female freshman (Part 2)


It is freshman season in most local universities; I take this chance to welcome you all to campus. When I decided to do this piece, I undoubtedly knew that it would not be an easy task. There can’t possibly be a foolproof manual that fits all to use while living in campus; in fact, there is no manual at all. ... Read More »

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