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Video: Should men carry lip balm?

dave chappelle lips

Cracked, ashy lips. Not a pretty sight. While ladies have the option of lip balm or gloss sticks, men who use or carry around lip balm have generally gone against the grain. A couple of Daystar Uni students discuss this question, and whether it’s okay to share lip balm with your pals. Read More »

Trevor Noah to take over ‘The Daily Show’ after Stewart’s exit


Popular South African stand-up comedian Trevor Noah has been appointed the next host of ‘The Daily Show’. Trevor is set to take over from the larger-than-life Jon Stewart, who has been the face of the satirical show that takes on politicians and mainstream media outlets. The New York Times reports Comedy Central announced Trevor will be the next host when ... Read More »

Too posh to be pregnant

pregnant girl

My colleague Kate will go to hell. Forget that thing called purgatory, where we are told after one dies, their soul gather in some lounge to listen to Jazz music and sip fortified holy wine as they await the Second Coming. For Kate, she will go straight to hell immediately she dies, and this is why. Early last year, as ... Read More »

11 character types on Twitter #TagATweep


1. Catfish survivors are those personalities preyed upon by seemingly innocent predators. There are many examples of catfish survivors that have stirred up the twitter sphere with the complex storylines and love stories, involving the unsuspecting prey being pounced on by one make-believe girl or another. 2. Comeback Kings are the tweeps who always have an apt reply even when ... Read More »

5 common cases counseling centers deal with in universities


Joining campus or college can be a defining moment for many students. It is a time marked by independence, peer influence and difficult career decisions. Institutional counselors help students adapt to the new environment. We talked to Lucy Kungu, head of the counseling center at the United States International University-Africa who identified the 5 most common cases university students face. ... Read More »

Top 10 irritating things interracial couples hear


As much as interracial relationships are now more or less acceptable, being in one can be one long journey. The hardships encountered in these types of relationships do not come from the couple themselves, but more often than not, the people around them. The world is not yet at a stage where interracial relationships are normal. To most, it is ... Read More »

The problem with the overly attached, insecure woman


Ladies, if you have ever dated a guy, and everything appeared perfect at the beginning then slowly we downhill after that. He lost interest in the relationship, stopped making time for you, and seems to prioritise other things. Well, sweetheart, fasten your seatbelt coz you and I need to have a chat. Most men enjoy being in a relationship with the ... Read More »

Durex working on an orgasmic smart phone

couple mobile phone

Durex’s digital technology division has announced a major product that could revolutionise sex lives. Durexlabs says they are about to launch a game-changing product that will help users achieve orgasm. The product has been developed in partnership with tech entrepreneur Susie Lee, CEO of Siren Mobile.  Lee is one of the leading lights in the world of mobile technology. Her ... Read More »

Fena and Dela #MakeitHappen for International Women’s Day


This Friday, Offbeat Productions presents #MakeItHappen. This will be a celebration of our women, in line with this year’s International Women’s Day “Make It Happen”. Dela Maranga, a renowned vocal powerhouse and architect, is known for hits such as “Weche Tek” and “War in my Heart”. Her duet with heartthrob Bien of Sauti Sol “Mama Papa” won her a new ... Read More »

VIDEO: What you miss when you are always on your phone


We have become prisoners of smartphones. If we are not on Twitter, Facebook or IG, we are busy chatting on whatsapp. We are always on our phones; dates, movies, the loo, when we visit our folks etc. The more we use them, the more we are held captive. Have we become addicted to our smartphones? Look up. Look Around. What ... Read More »

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