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Ladies: 5 reasons to go on a man fast

lady girl head shot

A man fast is an unusual practice where women purposefully stay away from dating. It can be because of a hurtful experience or just a time to find the right person. It is a time of reflection and deep self-assessment to evaluate one’s life and the place of relationships in one’s life. Here are the top five reasons ladies go ... Read More »

South African wins Miss World, Kenyan (not Ugandan) in the top 10

Miss World

South African Rolene Strauss has been crowned Miss World 2014. The 22-year-old eclipsed over 120 contestants from all over the world to be announced the winner of the 64th edition of Miss World. Miss Kenya Idah Nguma came in at number seven alongside beauty queens from Hungary (2nd), US (3rd) and; England, Guyana, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. Ugandan media had ... Read More »

VOTE: The top rap album of the year goes to….


The Grammy nominations are out and one of the hotly contested categories is the Best Rap Album of the year. The nominees include Iggy Azelea, Eminem, the legend that is Common, newcomer Childish Gambino and Schoolboy Q.   Iggy Azelea’s “The New Classic”   The album is nominated for the best rap album. She is the only female nominated in ... Read More »

The six types of campus guys

Campus dating

1. The Mentor He is a senior student in the university. He can’t wait for the freshas to come. He is a “mentor.” He is willing to select the prettiest or most innocent fresh girl from the village. He will teach you how to be a good girl in the university. He’s available anytime. So the mentoring program advances to ... Read More »

Anaconda and four other best rap songs of 2014


The Grammy nominations are out and the public is in frenzy over who will scoop the coveted honors. Although musical taste is a personal matter, the nominated artists have impressed the Grammy’s judges. However, it truly is anyone’s guess who will clinch the awards. The rap category is filled with controversial nominees with huge egos, with an equal huge fan ... Read More »

TRENDING: Top music videos of the week


It has been a massive week in terms of video releases with total of 13 new singles, here are the trending videos this week; 1. Ythera – Ahadi  2. Kagwe Mungai – Creeper 3. Kristoff – Siwezi Borrow 4. Wakazi – Wanawake Wa Dar 5. Lady Jaydee Ft Dabo – Forever Read More »

Student keeps Amazon electronics worth Sh500K mistakenly sent to him


One lucky Engineering student from Liverpool University was told he can keep goods worth Sh510,000 ($5,730) from Amazon which was sent to him by mistake. According to the Huffington Post, “Robert Quinn received packages including a £889 55-inch Samsung 3D TV, a Galaxy Pro tablet, worth more than £300 and a laptop, among other things.” As the young man begins ... Read More »

Ugly Girls Club grows bigger

Ugly girls

Natasha Barrett and her fellow feminist society members were dubbed “the ugly girls club” while running a stall on sexual consent at their student union club night. That comment began a revolution that has taken over many British campuses and has now crossed borders reaching America and even Malaysia. The movement began slowly but has got impetus with the underlining ... Read More »

NEW VIDEO: Rabbit (Kaka Sungura) With ‘Leta’


The king is back and as per his versatile and flexible nature, he has released a club banger dubbed Leta; Have a look below and let us know what you think. Read More »

New show turns Power Puff Girls into 22-year-olds with esteem issues


If you enjoyed the hit cartoon show Power Puff Girls, HBO has revealed that the feisty little girls are all grown up and soon to return to our screens. The innocent sweet trio we were accustomed to in our childhood is completely different characters reworked as part of the “Girls” television show. The chemical formula Professor Utonium uses is even ... Read More »

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