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‘Call of Duty’ blasts past $10 bn in sales

call of duty

Blockbuster military shooter video game “Call of Duty” has blasted past $10 billion in lifetime sales, propelled by demand for the latest installment in the 11-year-old franchise. Activision Publishing on Thursday said that the launch of “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” outshined debuts of other games as well as films, books or albums released this year. Since Activision introduced the ... Read More »

VIDEO: Hip Hop prodigy Jay A goes dancehall


From endless, hits, remixes to the hits, to international Coke Studio collaborations, it is sound to say Jay A has been on one long victory lap. And he’s nowhere near done as he releases new visuals featuring Jamaican songbird Tianna. Jay A merges hip-hop with dancehall and the sound of it is simply classic! Read More »

Five things you need to do in your second year of college

group of african american college students closeup

  Get job experience Getting job experience is very important. It doesn’t matter where you get the experience. Asking your uncle if you can spend a few hours at his firm may distinguish you from other interviewees two years down the line. The long break that most students get in 2nd year may be spent better getting valuable work experience ... Read More »

Miss MKU hates men who flirt

Naila Ngina

Mount Kenya University has a brand new beauty queen on campus and she leaves no room for confusion: she is dating and has no time for flirting guys. Naila Ngina Khalid, a second-year Travel and Tourism student, was crowned Miss MKU by the judges of the pageant. The 20-year-old revealed her distaste for flirting men. “I find it disgusting when ... Read More »

Thor star Chris Hemsworth named world’s sexiest man

Chris Hemsworth

Australian actor and “Thor” avenger Chris Hemsworth is the world’s sexiest man, the US magazine People said Thursday. The honor was announced on the late night US TV show hosted by Jimmy Kimmel on ABC and the magazine itself. With his face at first masked and his voice digitally modified, Hemsworth, 31, speaking from Australia, toyed with playful yes-or-no questions ... Read More »

Dating 101: 20 things guys need to know


I tend to think I can be pragmatic and so sometimes I think some dating rules are quite, well, absurd. But then again, what would be of me if I didn’t share my two cents on what I think are some vital rules in this jungle we call a dating scene? I know my advice is unsolicited, at least verbally, ... Read More »

WATCH: Kenya’s Hottest MCs battle it out on #TheCypher984


CapitalFM show @HitsNotHomeWork hosted the biggest freestyle rap battle on Kenyan radio on 29th October. In studio were 12 of Kenya’s most gifted lyrist battling out in Lyrical Wednesday. The MCs included; Kimathi, Femi One, Benadi, Shukid, MC Sharon, Xcalibar, Kalimani, Jemedari, Point Blank, Ace the Don, Bilari, General Maxima. Presenters Amina and Soulo, and Producer Joe Muchiri will moderate The Cypher ... Read More »

5 different campuses and their unique delicacies


Sleep. Eat. Study. That’s the life of a typical student and not particularly in that order. Some students live to eat, while others eat to live. Life in campus/college gives students limited options when it comes to dietary choices. But one thing you can be assured is that we will come up with unique meals and snacks, and you are ... Read More »

First Date Etiquette


So you went on your first date and it went well, at least that’s what you thought. But why hasn’t he called after that? Is it something you said or did that put her off? She doesn’t seem keen on a follow up date. It’s probably because you botched your first date.  Here are a few tips that are important ... Read More »

5 Legitimate reasons to skip class

IT class jkuat

If you have to skive a class, then you better have a good reason.  Here are a couple of excuses one could use to avoid a lecture.. 1. Food poisoning This is one of the classic excuses because after a night out, one does look like they have food poisoning especially if you have been vomiting a lot. Food poisoning ... Read More »

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