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15-year-old DJ builds community FM station catches attention of MIT

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Kelvin Doe, a teenager from Sierra Leone, has accomplished what many just dream of. He has been to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as guest resident and has also met the President of Harvard University. But to the 15-year-old, the new experiences in the US fades in comparison to the joy he gets back home in West Africa.

Kelvin or DJ Focus, as he is known in his home-town, has created a community FM station, building basic transmitters from scrap metals and a generator to power the station which he says “is a station to empower the youth.”

Surprisingly, his one-man station is popular and interactive as he receives and reads texts on air.

David Sengeh, a PhD student who spotted Kelvin’s talent, organized a trip for the teen to visit MIT says he is extraordinary talented and innovative. Kelvin first made lights using batteries to be used in his neighborhood where power-cuts are the norm.

See more about Kelvin in this video by THNKR

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