(Infographic) Kenyan MP’s salary compared with the world

The public have on many occasions complained about the high salaries our honorable MP’s are paid. But are ordinary Kenyans justified to complain? here is an infographic showing oliticians salaries and income inequality as compared with the GDP per capital (2011).


  • me..

    Politicians r so lucky I am not the President; MPs would have been earning 250,000 (incl. allowances + house); Life insurance Government gives 500,000 they remitt the rest. Vehicle is Government’s. Definitely No 5m grant. 2 bodyguards. Everytime they fail to conclude/pass all bills before end of parliament year, Its deducted from their salaries. They would have learned what Germany politicians do; A teacher is as good as a politician. No send off package because your contract ended.

  • iamtiredofthis

    Why do MPs need bodyguards anyway? What makes them think they are under threat?